Oysters, fresh from the boat & direct from farmer

For the first time ever we are offering our fresh oysters direct! We’re a small farm, so weekly quantities will be limited. Sign up here to ensure you get your Fjordlux, or you can purchase day of.

Delicious Fjordlux oysters are available fresh off the boat at 2400 Westlake Ave N. (these are also the docks for Waterline Boats and Seattle Boat Rental). Signage will direct you to pick up from our boat down at the docks.

These Fjordlux oysters are sustainably grown in Washington’s north Hood Canal and are harvested the same day we sell them. We always abide by the highest safety standards, and the oysters are handled with the utmost care. Found in premium seafood restaurants nationwide, these beauties are suitable for slurping raw, grilling, or however you want to enjoy!

Pick up dates will be announced, and pick-up window is usually 3:30-5:30pm. Any oysters pre-ordered, but not picked-up unfortunately cannot be refunded. 

You can also buy oysters from us on the spot (provided we do not run out).

We suggest you get your purchase onto ice or into the fridge as soon as you can. If you will be traveling a long distance transporting them in a cooler is advisable and we’ll have ice available if you need it!

Questions? Email Alice, alice@setanddriftshellfish.com, or call (253) 651-7596.

Tips for at home care of oysters:

-Keep your oysters cold until you use them, fridge or on ice is best.

-If you keep your oysters on ice don’t let them end up sitting in fresh water (that’s not good for them).

-If you hold your oysters in the fridge put them in a container with no holes (i.e., not a colander), and place a damp cloth over them. Otherwise refrigerators will dry your oysters out!

-Don’t submerge the oysters in water. They don’t need a drink if you use them soon – and will be okay as long as they are kept cool.

-Oysters don’t need to be washed, necessarily, but can be rinsed in cool water if needed to remove any debris.