Fjordlux Oysters




ABOUT: fjordlux® oysters are initially tumbled, then finished in flip-bags in the intertidal waters of Washington's northern Hood Canal - a 60+ mile glacially-carved saltwater fjord.

Each flood of the tide delivers ocean-crisp sea water from Admiralty Inlet, while each ebb brings mineral-rich water from the Olympic Mountains to our fjordlux oysters. The resulting oyster is savory and briny with a long finish of nori and melon rind. 

ABOUT ALICE & VAN: Our passion for local, sustainable seafood drove us to start Set & Drift farm following our years of operating ocean-going scientific research ships. We are a small farm, and grow with an eye for quality, not quantity. 

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OUR VALUES: We love our tidelands and the surrounding land and water. We donate a good portion of our oyster sales to conservation and restoration projects local to our tidelands. Our oysters thrive on pristine fjord water and sunshine - that's it, nothing else.

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